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Birchcliff Urban Town 분양 : 토론토 동쪽 호숫가

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Introduce your clients to Birchcliff Urban Towns for the incredible opportunity to live and invest by the Lake

It’s the best of all worlds. At Birchcliff Urban Towns, your clients get the benefit of a spacious lakeside home that’s minutes from the beach, close to fabulous retail stores, and conveniently located for quick and easy access to downtown, be it by car or public transit.

When sun and sand are calling, residents can choose between Bluffer’s Park, only 5 minutes away; and Woodbine Beach, just five minutes further. Birch Cliff is lakeside living at its best, while still being connected to fabulous amenities. For starters, it’s home to a charming array of local cafes and retail stores, including The Birchcliff coffee shop, Vintage & Antiques, City Cottage Market, and The House & Garden Co. It’s also close to the Beaches, where an abundance of unique stores, restaurants, and lively patios line Queen Street East; and downtown Toronto a mere 15 minutes away.

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